What is the Role of Coaching in IAS Preparation?

What is the Role of Coaching in IAS Preparation?

IAS has always been a dream destination for Indians, not just because of the quality lifestyle it provides but also for the respect you earn in society. IAS exam is one of India’s most competitive and hardest papers, surpassing exams like JEE and NEET. So while preparing for such an extreme exam, one has to be persistent and calm throughout the journey. So it makes the involvement of coaching institutes even more legitimate as they back you up and keep motivating you simultaneously throughout the process. 

There is no doubt that people can study all by themselves without coaching, but it becomes harder as you progress through time, and in some instances, you will realize a lack of experience and immense pressure. We must focus on our abilities and skills and then act accordingly. Sometimes we also have to consider luck as a factor along with hard work. So focus on how to improve your weaker side rather than trying to outline someone; it’s just that the thought of being self-sufficient does not always work. You, however, might survive the prelims and the main exams, but the interview rounds are not something to prepare casually; at least you need some coaching for the Interview rounds held by UPSC. 

Interviews can be considered the main hurdle of the exam as it decides your fate as a civil servant. The council appoints a board for directly interviewing qualified candidates. You get judged based on your thoughts, decision-making, and knowledge. You can’t just develop these skills out of nowhere; you will need some assistance and guidance from experienced professionals. Apart from that, prelims and mains exams cannot be taken lightly either. Prelims and main exams focus more on shortlisting worthy candidates from lakhs of aspirants, which makes both these papers equally difficult to crack. In this article, we will try to understand what is the role of coachings in IAS preparation. 

Role of Coaching in IAS Preparation 

1. Motivation 

The UPSC exam has a vast syllabus that requires months of hard work and dedication. But while preparing for the exams, many students lose hope because of the vast syllabus, stress, anxiety, and several other reasons. So joining an IAS Coaching institute will benefit in keeping you motivated throughout your preparation and make sure you never lose hope and eliminate the thoughts of giving up. You can also gather motivation by looking at ex-toppers at your coaching and study pattern, which helped them in clearing the IAS exams. 

2. Study Material 

Numerous study materials for the UPSC exam are available in the form of books, notes, etc. Many students often get lost in this deep ocean to find ideal books for the exam. Institutes help you by providing the right study materials and tips to read and understand topics quickly. So you save your time in finding books and invest most of it in preparations.

3. Find Areas of Improvement 

One of the best things you get from joining coaching is you get to know about your weaker sections quickly. The institutes keep tracking your progress throughout the course duration through their weekly tests, mock test papers, etc. Suppose if you fail in some practice or weekly test, you will have a full report on your answers or places you went wrong. These things are very crucial in finding your weaker sections so you can focus on sections of the syllabus still not covered by you and begin working on them. 

4. Competitive Spirit

When an aspirant enrolls in IAS coaching, he finds a bunch of meritorious aspirants from various backgrounds competing for the same goal. This competitive spirit is vital in UPSC exams as it helps students compare themselves with the other aspirants at the state or regional level. You won’t get enough spirit and adrenaline rush while studying alone and might get the wrong feeling about your preparation. Simply, you won’t know if your preparation is enough to crack the UPSC exam. You can, however get an idea of the level of competition among aspirants in your coaching itself. 

5. Attentive Tricks to Cover the Syllabus 

Another advantage of getting yourself enrolled in IAS coaching is that you get regular guidance from well-experienced teachers. Teachers are constantly preparing aspirants every year for the UPSC exam, which makes them familiar with every nut and bolt of the exam. Their experience and your effort can turn out to be winning factors in the UPSC exams. Teachers also have some tricks to memorize certain tricks; you can use these tricks to easily grasp things and for effective study. 

The Thought Tree 

The Thought Tree is one of the finest IAS coaching in Jaipur. It has covered every section of what aspirants need for their preparations, whether it be guidance, mentorship, study material, or experienced faculty. T3 has always managed to provide the best to the students. The Thought Tree offers various courses for aspirants, like the short-term and long-term courses suitable for both students as well as working professionals looking to get through the UPSC exams. You should definitely look into these courses, as The Thought Tree offers the best courses for IAS aspirants.  


In this article, we have seen the role of coachings in IAS preparation. Coaching is the best way to ensure, How well you have prepared for the exams. You can easily spot your mistakes and work on them. The same thing turns out to be much more difficult while preparing for the exam all by yourself. I hope you guys cleared your doubts on the role of coaching in IAS preparations. Also, just look at The Thought Tree‘s IAS courses, All the best with your exams.

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