Coronavirus (COVID-19): What to do If You’re Self-Employed and Have No Work or Less Work to Do?

The pandemic of coronavirus has left the businesses around the world devastated. Due to COVID-19, people are suffering from mental, physical, emotional, and financial cringes. There exist a huge number of people getting unemployed. People are already suffering from a huge unemployment rate, so there is a very minimum possibility of getting hired in any company.

The United Kingdom has been massively hit by a coronavirus, which made the unemployment ratio hit 3.9% in May 2020.

The UK has seen the highest death poll due to the pandemic as well, and it resulted in implementing lockdown in the whole of Great Britain. The businesses around the whole globe have bent down to the knees, and the economic condition of almost every country is badly ruined.

The government of the UK is working for their people, and funded programs for the citizens of the UK are being launched. The self-employed people are at high risk, and the Britain government is working actively for them.

Here are some of those steps which can help you if you are self-employed and have no work or less work to do, or if you are suffering from financial issues.

  • If you own a small business and it has been affected by a coronavirus, then you might be able to get money from the UK government. Or if you have lost out on income and if someone of your family is a corona patient and you have to look after them. This is named as the Self-employment Income Support Scheme in Great Britain. Cheap coursework writing service assured that the UK government could give you 80% of your average profits up to a maximum of £2,500 per month.
  • The people who are eligible enough can get money to cover lost income for 3 months.
  • If your business is hit by a coronavirus in August, you can apply to the scheme again.
  • About 3.8 million self-employed people may be covered by this scheme, and about 2.3 million self-employed have signed up for the scheme totaling £6.8bn.

The government of the UK is taking every possible measure for the self and un-employed people. You would not have to pay the money back, but tax must be paid over that money. Buy coursework London confirmed that there are more than 5 million self-employed people in the United Kingdom. They earn up to £781 a month on average. Let’s have a look at the next budget that will occupy 70% of your profits up to £2,190 a month, it was proposed for the three month period from June to August.

  • Self-employed people have to confirm a massive effect on their business on 14 July 2020 to claim a second grant.
  • You can also claim a grant if you have lost income. Self-employed people are mostly getting less work or no work because of the pandemic of coronavirus, and you can claim for coronavirus Self-employment Income Support Scheme.

There exist different other financial supports by Great Britain. Due to less work and no work, you can also go for these options;

  • Universal credit application online
  • New Style Employment and Support Allowance application can also be done, (only for the disabled worker, it also implies on your child)

You can avail the Self-employment Income Support Scheme in several conditions as well;


  • If you are self-employed and you are having a severe health issue, then you can claim for this scheme.
  • If you are self-isolating because you have symptoms of coronavirus. Or if you are self-isolating because you came into contact with any of your relatives who had symptoms of coronavirus.
  • If you’ve been advised by the doctor to stay at home due to health issues.

However, it is announced by the UK government that interviews and assessments will be done via telephone for the scheme. You’re not required to go to the workplace. The scheme of Universal Credit payment is based on the actual earnings. You are required to report your self-employed earnings and expenses at the end of each month. Your application will be submitted to the authorities, and it will be processed, and due to coronavirus, it may get longer. The UK government stated for the apologies for delays.

Some of you may be suffering from massive financial issues and have not enough money to live then wait for your first universal credit payment; after it, you may go for advance payment. If you have a self-assessment payment on account by 31 July 2020, you can delay your payment till January 2021.

You also should keep on searching for full and part-time jobs in England, Scotland, and Wales. It is surely a hard time for every single person. But the UK government has been supportive enough to its citizens!

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