15 Best Cheap Books To Buy

15 Best Cheap Books To Buy

At the end of the year, everyone sums up. And Amazon’s largest online store is no exception. He offered all readers his own rating of the most popular bestsellers of the past year. It hit the best-selling books of 2019. And given the scale of Amazon, this ranking of the best books of the year is one of the most accurate and best showing contemporary trends in literature.

The Testaments, by Margaret Atwood, continues the story that began with The Handmaid’s Tale. According to the writer herself, the continuation of her story was inspired by the game of actress Ana Daud, who in the series played the role of Lydia’s aunt. The novelty instantly became a bestseller, and not only in the United States but throughout the world. Well, the Booker Prize, which the book was awarded in 2019, only fueled interest in the novel. That allowed it to get on the list of best-selling books on Amazon in 2019.

Colson Whitehead’s new The Nickel Boys book takes you back to 1960 when the wind of change and the words of Martin Luther King reached the people of the southern United States. The black protagonist decides to go to school and change his life. But the system is not yet ready for change, and as a result, the protagonist has been assigned a place in the Nickel School, an educational institution for juvenile delinquents.

Adrienne Brodeur’s autobiographical novel Wild Game my mother, her lover, and I tell how the fourteen-year-old Adrienne became her mother’s involuntary ally in her love games. And it all began at twelve in the morning, when the mother woke up the girl and reported that their father’s closest friend had just kissed her. It was a game for years in which Adrienne was assigned one of the main roles.

In Ahmed Salman Rushdie’s new book, Quichotte, you can read about the mediocre author of spy novels Sam Dyushami. Impressed by the work of Cervantes, he creates his new hero Quichotte, who in order to prove his love for the TV star, as Don Quixote goes on a trip around the country. The country, as in the work of Cervantes, located on the edge of moral and spiritual collapse.

In Erin Morgenstern’s book, The Starless Sea, you can read about an ordinary graduate student from Vermont. One day he finds an entertaining book. It is about the mysterious key collectors and their assistants. In it, he finds a story from his childhood. Trying to figure out how it got into this book, he finds himself in a world that is out of time and space. A giant underground library that someone wants to destroy.

Mike Isaac’s Super Pumped: The Battle For Uber book tells the story of the formation and overthrow of Uber CEO in June 2017. During his reign, the company really managed to change the world of transportation and become on a par with such giants of Silicon Valley as Amazon, Apple, and Google. But venture capitalists easily destroyed this tale.

Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book, City of Girls, has become one of the most anticipated novelties of 2019. The book instantly fell into the ranking of the best bestsellers. And at the end of the year, it ranked high among the top 20 best-selling books on The Amazon. This book caused considerable excitement.

The comic strip of the famous actor George Takei They Called Us Enemy caused a real sensation in the American market. The story tells about the life of the actor himself, who in 1942, together with his parents, was deported to a resettlement center. As a person of Japanese descent, he became an enemy for the United States and detention in places remote from other people, according to President Roosevelt, was the only possible way out.

Alex Michaelides`s The Silent Patient book tells the story of the artist Alicia. She had a perfect marriage and family. But one day, she fired five shots in the face of her beloved husband. Since then, she has uttered a word, neither in the cell, nor in court, nor in a psychiatric hospital. And only the clinic employee Theo did not give up trying to talk to the woman and find out what happened on that day.

Ann Patchett’s The Dutch House book is called the most powerful work of the famous American writer. It tells of two brothers whose stepmother expelled from their own home. From wealth to poverty. But it was precisely from this poverty at the end of World War II that their family rose. And this Dutch home on the outskirts of Philadelphia has become a symbol of their family’s success.

Lori Gottlieb’s Maybe You Should Talk To Someone book is written about Lori herself, who works as a psychotherapist in Los Angeles. Having many different clients, she herself visits a therapist. After all, sometimes understanding other people’s problems is much easier than understanding yourself. Her story is the fate of her clients, their friends, and relatives, but the most important thing is her own life.

In Jacqueline Woodson`s Red At The Bone book, one can read the events that began in 2001, when one of the main heroines of Melody was sixteen years old. Today is her day. She is in a beautiful dress, accepts congratulations. But the girl does not know that this dress was sewn sixteen years ago for her mother. But then she never wore it.

Mary Beth Keane’s Ask Again, Yes book tells us about two families living very close to each other. The heads of these families recently settled in the New York police, but the main secret lies behind the closed doors of their homes. And she will be able to break out only thanks to the love of Kate and Peter, born with a difference of only six months.

In Alice Hoffman’s The World That We Knew book, you can read about the events unfolding in 1941 in Berlin. In an attempt to save her daughter from the Nazi regime, Hanni with the help of a rabbi creates a golem designed to protect her Lea. He is given the name Ava. A golem and a twelve-year-old girl go to Paris, where everyone finds their destiny.

In Ocean Vuong’s On Earth, We`Re Briefly Gorgeous book, you can read the letter of the mother’s son. A letter that brings pain and loss of generations and tells the story of the beginning of which happened back in Vietnam, during the American military operation. A letter about the life of entire generations of Vietnamese in the USA, their hopes, problems, and downfall.

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