6 Top Things to Consider Before Going any Road Trip

Road trips are always enjoyable and adventurous, where you explore the new destinations throughout your journey. Be it a group of crazy friends or loved ones and family members; road trips can never be regretting. But road trips could be more memorable and perfect if you plan it well. This summer, if you are planning a road trip, then take these tips to get your car ready for it. It’s worth it!

In the excitement of the journey, we often take our vehicles for granted and trust them blindly that they won’t create any trouble. But imagine your car breakdown in the middle of an empty road near an unknown place where you even can’t find a good mechanic? Irritating right

The best thing is to get your car ready for the long journey. Here is how you can do it.

Is the Battery Working Properly?

Before you get your car on the way, make sure that the battery is up to date. Confirm the expiry date of the battery. Mechanical engineers have suggested that you should change the car battery every 3 to 4 years to keep it up to the mark. Never overcharge your car battery if you want it to last long. Also, check if there is any corrosion that occurs or suspicious sound coming out of it. Cure it before it becomes a serious issue. What happens is with all the electronics that are going on the car. When you start your car is running solely off your battery, if your battery is weak, it turns your starter over slower. If you find these electronics problems in your car, stay on top of it and replace the battery right away.

Check the Tires

The condition of the tire is judged based on two things, tire pressure and tread. Tires of the car neither are overinflated nor underinflated. Over or Under-inflated tires may lead to premature wear, overheating, or even blowout. Treads should be deep enough in your tires to prevent them from easily worn out. One more important thing that I want to share is that if you get flat on the rear make sure that if your spare tire is not the same size. You can check the numbers on the side; every tire will have the numbers written. If you don’t understand the numbers, roll the tire up aside. If it is a different size, make sure you put the oddball size or the spare on tires are not doing the work. So on a rear-wheel tire, you want to put the tires on the front-wheel-drive tire you want to put your spare on the back so that, as the drive tires are still turning equally.

Keep the Fuel Tank Full

You should have the idea of how many kilometers you are going to travel in your car. There is the probability that you might not find any filling station on the way. Hence it is a prudent step that you should get your car tank filled before you start your journey. Also, check that the engine oil is also sufficient for smooth and flawless driving. You can top of your car tank, you don’t like to drive around on it and a low tank, because you never know when something terrible might happen like you know look at any climate changes, natural disasters, etc. So if you have a full tank, you don’t have to worry about that you can get your family in the car supplies that usually do a lot better than the rest that is struggling for fuel and fighting through traffic you stuck. When you plan for the outdoor plan away from the city, you can do so, but If you need gas to do. So that’s my proper tip for the all trip lovers, to keep your fuel tank full. Because you never know what might happen, and it’s better to have gas and no need to worry at all.

Check Wipers and Light

Whether you are traveling in a day or at night, the wipers and car lights of your cars should be up to date and in good working condition. Make sure the lights will not deceive when you need it, especially in the dark. You never know when it will start raining, so you should be prepared in advance with quality working wipers in your car.

The most commonly asked question is, how long does a wiper last? You can typically see a lifespan of about 1-2 years only but, it all depends on the quality of the wiper fluid you are using. The quality of the wiper and off-course how often you use it. If it rains a lot that’s going to determine the life expectancy of the wiper, we have many options out there in the market; there are a couple of different brands as well you have got brands like bosch, ANCO, Rain X. There are a lot of different wipers that are made for your car specifically.

Check the head and back lights from time to time, and so you can take H7 high beam bulbs in them, I think there are 25 USD per piece. If you go with the Silver Star, ultra bulbs are like 60 USD for 2 bulbs, but nonetheless, you invest 25$ on a bulb for your car headlights. You can check your car headlights on your own by the multimeter; you need to know the tolerance.  Because it may prove dangerous traveling at night, also, check the other lighting accessories in your car.


Most Important Breaks:

Be realistic with yourself here. You don’t want to take any risk on a long road trip with non-working brakes. Brakes are essential for any car. If the brake is not right, then you can also have met with an accident.

Safety of Your Car:


Whatever the purpose of your living away from the car, you will need to store it in steel garages. If you just let your car park on the court or in these DIY buildings for an extended duration, If you do not do park your car in the metal sheds and garages, then you may return to a dead battery or worse car top, a damaged engine, ruined tires, and a rodent nest below your bonnet.


Send Your Car on Service Center

Before you on board your car, make sure that your car is serviced correctly at the center. it helps you in letting know any inner issue either with the engine or other mechanical parts. We all know our cars are essential to us. They keep us warm in the cold and dry in the rain, and sometimes we even sleep in them. But perhaps more importantly, they get us from point A to point B. But have you ever wondered what happens when the cars aren’t serviced?

Over the years, you have heard many reasons why a car hasn’t been serviced. On its due date, it often relates to finances. It may be that the Moorish simply doesn’t have the money available at the time. In essence, they haven’t budgeted for that repair and services or it’s one of the inconveniences, they have a busy lifestyle, and they simply don’t have to take it to a service shop.

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