Wax products and Beauty Industry

Wax and the beauty/cosmetic industry have a love-hate relationship. Mankind has been using wax for maintaining health & beauty for ages. Before the invention of razors & scissors, it was wax that was used for shaving and removing hair from the human body. Ancient Egypt is a prominent example of using wax widely. During the reign of Cleopatra, sugaring was a waxing method to get rid of facial and nasal hair. It constituted sugar and wax blended in lime water. In the current scenario, we call it waxing.

But, most of the people stereotype the word wax with a candle. I got only one-word question and it is WHY? We just don’t use wax for bringing up colorful candles. There are several other uses of wax beyond creating candles. The beauty and cosmetic industry uses wax for the production of an assortment of products like petroleum jellies, hair wax, lipsticks, skincare lotions etc.

Now, most of you might be scratching heads that how come the same kind of wax can play multiple roles? Let’s clear the dust off the spectacles. There are different types of waxes used in the production of wax products used in our daily lives. Right from the production of the cosmetics used by the ladies in the house and the packaging of those items, the wax is used widely. So, it’s time to prick the bubble of bamboozling. We’ve listed some waxes that are used for producing different types of wax products. Peruse ahead and find out. 

Wax Used In Cosmetic and Personal Care Applications 

In the current scenario, many wax products for skincare are made by blending and melting different waxes together. They not only nourish but also prevent adverse effects. The wax constituted in cosmetic items helps to keep the emulsion structure isolating and add structure to keep items strong. The softening point is a significant factor in your detailing, wax with a higher liquefying point will create a harder item. 

  • Beeswax 

Honey beeswax is one of the most established types of wax utilized, ensuring the skin by making a boundary and a brilliant emulsifier, it has a softening purpose of 61-65°C with high restricting quality. Formulators incorporate honey beeswax in beauty care products for included hold and sparkle in eyeliners, eye shadows, mascaras, and become flushed. 

  • Berry Wax 

Berry Wax is delicate and smooth in consistency, with a low dissolving point 48-54°C and contains chiefly esters. With a lipid managing impact on lipsticks and lip gleams, it improves break opposition in eye and lip pencils. Berry wax can be utilized for both hair care and restorative applications for emulsion adjustment. 

  • Candelilla Wax 

No other wax than Candelilla Wax can be a decent substitute for honey beeswax with a less shabby feel. It is a plant-based wax, insoluble in water, and a reasonable vegetarian fixing with a high liquefying purpose of 68-73°C. Utilized as a coating specialist in food added substances with its significant use as a folio for biting gums, Candelilla wax includes sparkle and hardness in hair care and beauty care products with incredible supplements to condition the skin. 

  • Carnauba Wax 

This wax comprises predominantly of greasy esters with an amazingly high softening purpose of 82-86°C, with double the solidifying intensity of Beeswax, Carnauba wax gives firmness, gleam, and slip to applications. Ordinarily utilized as the covering on dental floss it can likewise be applied in beauty care products and food detailing, furniture, and vehicle wax. It adds volume and hold to items extending from hair styling to mascara. 

  • Ceresine Wax 

By consolidating microcrystalline and paraffin wax got from oil, with a liquefying purpose of 60-65°C, Ceresine Wax is conceived. A thickening operator in close to home consideration applications that will tie and settle the oil some portion of an emulsion. Ceresine Wax can add solidarity to stick beauty care products and is a decent substitute for honey beeswax. 

  • Green Tea Wax 

Green Tea Wax is another widely acclaimed wax in the market. It is utilized in both individual consideration applications and regular beauty care products with its dynamic fixing phospholipids going about as an amazing cream, cancer prevention agent, and emulsifier. Green Tea wax has a liquefying purpose of 63-75°C and is regularly utilized as a colorant for creams and beauty care products. 

  • Myrica Fruit Wax

Myrica Fruit Wax is ‘hydrogenated’ oil in solid form. It is reasonable for characteristic and veggie lover restorative and hair care applications that include sparkle, hold, and lessening tenacity of O/W emulsions. With a low liquefying purpose of 45-55°C, it has great spreadability and is additionally steady against oxidation. Utilized in hair conditioners to help execution, Myrica organic wax product gradually sets to leave a smooth surface in items. 

  • Paraffin Wax 

Parafin is a commonly used wax. It is obtained from oil and has a low dissolving point 48-66°C. Utilized in close to home consideration items to smooth and relax the skin, Paraffin wax is additionally used to cover products of the soil to include a polished sparkle while likewise shielding them from shape and dampness misfortune. 

  • Rice Bran Wax 

Rice Bran Wax is mainly a decent substitute for Carnauba or Bees Wax with a softening purpose of 79-85°C. It can decrease tenacity in emulsions. Utilized as a thickener and restricting operator with solid emollient properties Rice Bran wax is included lipsticks, ointments, treatments, and sunscreens.


Summarizing on a Whole

You just scrolled past a little guide of different types of waxes. All of these have a unique melting point and can be substituted for each other easily. However, it requires blending the wax and that’s quite a deep process. Since most of the wax products mentioned in the write-up are related to the cosmetic realm, it doesn’t mean that these waxes aren’t used for the production of other wax products. Even for production of packaging tubes for creams/lotions, the paints used for road marking, and property interior/exterior include different waxes mentioned above. If you’re triggered after reading the stuff, check which wax your facewash/sunscreen pack contains.

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